Bryce Heatherly

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PhD Student, East Asian Languages and Civilizations

Bryce is a doctoral student studying the art and material culture of Middle-Period China and Korea (eighth–fifteenth centuries). His dissertation examines artworks donated to monasteries in southeastern China during the tenth and eleventh centuries. In addition to his dissertation, Bryce's research interests include material religions and histories of the illuminated book. He is also interested in the interregional movement of people, objects, and ideas during the Mongol-Yuan period. 

Bryce completed a BA with a double major in Art History and Chinese Language and Culture from Washington University in St. Louis in 2014. He has received fellowships from the National Museum of Korea and the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington DC and has worked as an intern at the Saint Louis Art Museum and the Nanjing Museum. 


2014 BA, Washington University in St. Louis (Art History and Archaeology; Chinese Language and Culture)

2019 MA, University of Pennsylvania (East Asian Languages and Civilizations)


Research Interests

Chinese art history

Visual and material religions in China

Tang-Song transition

Illuminated books and woodblock printing in East Asia


Courses Taught

Fall 2019 Arts of China EALC127 (TF)

Spring 2020 East Asian Art and Civilization EALC013 (TF)

Fall 2020 Introduction to Chinese Civilization EALC001 (TF)

Spring 2021 Introduction to Japanese Civilization EALC002 (TF)



Society for Song, Yuan, and Conquest Dynasty Studies

Association for Asian Studies