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PhD Candidate, East Asian Languages and CivilizationsBenjamin Franklin Fellow


I am studying Mongolian history and philology with Prof. Atwood here at Penn. I am writing my dissertation on the Cult of Chinggis Khan, with a special focus on the period before 1636. 

The Cult of Chinggis Khan has a large body of transmitted texts, and a major part of my dissertation is to produce a critical edition of this material. I regularly update my GitHub page with my newest collation of the transcribed text. I have been using the TEI method to encode these texts, and will eventually make this repository of text easily accessible through extensive indexing and other ways of improving searchability. I am concurrently working on their translations to English as I compile the hypertext edition.

These texts are of special importance because they contain the only written material from Mongolia from a period from which no other texts have survived -- from the late 15th to early 16th centuries. The prayers passed down to our time include a great variety of language, and so it is possible to tease apart the time-depth of each piece, at least in relative terms.


MA: SOAS - University of London (2015)

BSE: Princeton University (2010)

Research Interests

Mongolia, Mongol Empire, post-Imperial Mongolia, philology, religion, kingship, identity formation, empires, political and economic history, etc.,

Courses Taught

Teaching Fellow (a.k.a. TA):

Fall, 2018: EALC001, Introduction to Chinese Civilization (Prof. Paul Goldin)

Spring, 2019: EALC002, Introduction to Japanese Civilization (Prof. Ayako Kano)

Fall, 2019: EALC001, Introduction to Chinese Civilization (Prof. Hsiao-wen Cheng)

Spring, 2020: EALC004, Introduction to Mongolian Civilization, Penn Global Seminar (Prof. Chris Atwood)


Also, I worked as a Faculty Leader for the the Lauder Institute's spring break program "LIV" in 2019 and 2020. For this, I led MA/MBA students on an educational trip to Mongolia!

Selected Publications

Mongolia Society

Association for Asian Studies

Central Eurasian Studies Society

American Center for Mongolian Studies

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