Dr. Brian T. Vivier

Dr. Brian Vivier

Chinese Studies LibrarianCoordinator, Area Studies Collections


Van Pelt Library

I am the Coordinator for Area Studies Collections and Chinese Studies Librarian at the University of Pennsylvania.  As a librarian, I lead Penn’s collections in non-Western languages and provide research and collections support for all aspects of Chinese studies. I select all library materials in Chinese, and I have worked to build Penn’s young but substantial Mongolian collection.


I teach graduate seminars in Chinese history at Penn and am spending the 2021-2022 academic year researching in Taiwan on a Fulbright Fellowship.  My current research investigates the information order across the Liao, Song, and Jin dynasties through a textual analysis of the Liao and Jin official histories. I have also worked on Chinese foreign trade during the Song dynasty and am generally interested in economic history and the history of Chinese frontiers during the tenth to the thirteenth centuries. In addition to formal classes, I work closely with graduate students in EALC and in other departments to support and develop their research, and I serve on dissertation committees.


I am book review editor for the Journal of Song-Yuan Studies, a member of the advisory board for the Bibliography of Asian Studies, and chair of the Center for Research Libraries International Collections and Content Group. Within Penn, I represent the Libraries on the university's International Liaisons Group.