Patrick Carland-Echavarria

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PhD Candidate, East Asian Languages and Civilizations

Patrick Carland-Echavarria received his BA in English from Emmanuel College and MA in Japanese from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His research focuses on postwar Japanese queer cultures, translation theory, and modern Japanese art and literature during the global Cold War. His dissertation, provisionally titled Finding The Rainbow World: Translation, Affect, and U.S.-Japan Queer Literary Exchange in the Early Cold War re-examines the English-language translation and subsequent globalization of modern Japanese art and literature in the 1950s and 1960s from a queer and translation studies perspective. His other research interests include premodern Japanese literature, transnational LGBTQ and Cold War history, feminism, affect theory, and visual media studies. 


M.A., Japanese, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2019 

B.A., English, Emmanuel College Boston, 2014


Research Interests

Japanese film & literature, Queer theory, digital humanities, feminism(s), media studies, translation theory, postwar Japanese history 

Courses Taught
  • EALC-152, Love and Loss in Japanese Literary Traditions (Fall 2020) 
  • EALC-002, Introduction to Japanese Civilization (Spring 2021)
  • EALC-001, Introduction to Chinese Civilization (Fall 2021)
  • EALC-151, Modern Japanese Fiction and Film (Spring 2022) 
Selected Publications
  • Sympathy for an Invert: The Translation and Reception of Mishima Yukio's Kokuhaku no kamen (Confessions of a Mask) in English.” Proceedings of the Association of Japanese Literary Studies, Volume 21 (2022)
  • “We Do Not Live to Be Productive: LGBT Activism and the Politics of Productivity in Contemporary Japan,” The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, January 15, 2022 Volume 20, Issue 2, Number 1, pp. 1-24. [Link]
  • Review: Kerim Yasar, “Electrified Voices: How the Telephone, Phonograph, and Radio Shaped Modern Japan, 1868–1945,” Mechademia: Second Arc, November 24, 2021. [Link]
  • “Uta no Shiori Teikoku Ryūkō Kashū,” 歌のしおり帝国流行歌集 (Collection of songs popular in the Empire, 1944) Arthur Tress Collection of Japanese Illustrated Books, Kislak Center, University of Pennsylvania Libraries, March 2020 [Link]
  • “Kawamura Bunpō Sansui Gafu 河村文鳳文鳳山水画譜” (Bunpō’s album of landscape paintings), Arthur Tress Collection of Japanese Illustrated Books, Kislak Center, University of Pennsylvania Libraries, March 2020 [Link]
  • "Imagining a Home for Us: Representations of Queer Families in Contemporary Japanese Literature." MA Thesis, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2019 [Link]

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