Zachary Hershey

Visiting the Central Capital of the Liao

PhD Candidate, East Asian Languages and Civilizations



2016       M.A.       University of Pennsylvania             East Asian Languages & Civilizations

2010       B.A.       University of California, Berkeley    Chinese Language/Astrophysics


Research Interests

My current research addresses the boundary zone between intensive agriculture in the south and extensive pastoralism in the north in the region stretching between the modern day cities of Beijing and Chifeng with particular focus on the period starting at the end of the Tang stretching up to the Mongol conquest (roughly the 9th-14th centuries). Other interests include Kitan language, script, and culture; Song-Liao interactions and envoy missions; and imperial touring.

Courses Taught

Introduction to Chinese Civilization (TA, Fall 2016)

Introduction to Chinese Civilization (TA, Fall 2017)

Introduction to Korean Civilization (TA, Fall 2017)

Japan: Age of the Samurai (TA, Spring 2018)

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