Game-changing Tricks to Combat Stress in College

Hear from your alumni, what they wish they knew
Dr. Yong-tong Li, Mr. Ryan Komori, W‘07 and Atthena Breitton, W’08
- | College Hall, Room 200

There will be a second session starting at 1:45Pm in David Rittenhouse Lab, Room A2


Dr. Yong-Tong Li, MD

Dr. Yong-Tong Li is a board certified psychiatrist and a fellow of the
American Psychiatric Association. She is a counseling psychiatrist at the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) of the University of Pennsylvania for more than 17 years.

Ryan Komori, W’07

3rd-time founder & Inc 30 Under 30 recipient

Grew prior mobile gaming company to >$100MM revenue with only $10K in funding

Current company, Savor Lining, is pioneering Organizational Mental Fitness https://www.savorlining.com/

Like most Asian Americans, he worked himself to death, but to the point where he suffered from over a decade of unrecognizable depression and psychological trauma.  It almost took his life, and he ended up in the ER and spent 8 weeks in UCLA’s neuropsychiatric hospital.

Below is a short video that describes his journey and the story behind Savor Lining:


Atthena Breitton, W’08

Former Investment Banker

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Healer & Wellness Advocate

Lunch will be provided for attendees of the 12:00 session.  Insomnia cookies will be served at the 1:45PM session.

More information about mental health wellness events, please contact Grace Wu gracewu@sas.upenn.edu